Automatic glass storage.

The company is equipped with automatic glass storage for jumbo-sized sheets (6000x3210 mm), an overhead selector, and a loader in line with the cutting systems. The entire area is fenced and not accessible. This technology eliminates human intervention in the handling of glass sheets, ensuring maximum safety for operators and a drastic reduction of the risks due to damage and breakage. Thanks to 140 racks large volumes of float, extra clear, and coated glass are always available.

Cutting systems for float and LSG.

The glass sheets are processed by 3 horizontal cutting lines capable of performing straight and curvilinear shaped cuts on monolithic and stratified glass, with a maximum cutting length of 6000 mm. The tables can work thicknesses from 4 to 25 mm, are equipped with laser gauges and low-E coating removal machines. The cutting stations interface with our production system from which they receive the optimized production plans.

Insulating glass line.

The insulating glass line enables the realization of multi-chamber IG stepped units with a maximum size of 6000x3300 mm and thickness up to 100 mm. The line is equipped with an optical scanner for detecting defects on the glass surface and a flat coupling press with gas filling that guarantees perfect control of the Argon mixtures filled in the chambers. The external sealing can be made with polyurethane or structural silicones. The IG production area is completed by an automatic bending machine for profiles, a butylating machine for the application of the internal sealant, and a desiccant filler.

Glass processing.

The company is equipped with several machining centres capable to process jumbo-sized sheets with thicknesses up to 19 mm. The drawings made in CAD format by the technical office are processed by vertical and horizontal numerical control machining centres that can perform grinding, drilling, countersinking, milling, and notches on the glass. Our glass processing department consists of:

  • Double edging machine up to 4500 x 2600 mm
  • Nr° 2  Vertical Machining centre up to 6000 x 3210 mm
  • Vertical Machining centre up to 5000 x 2800 mm
  • Horizontal Machining centre up to 6000 x 3210 mm
  • Straight-line edging machine

Tempering furnace.

The tempering furnace with air-convection system allows producing tempered and hardened glass with maximum dimensions of 5000x2800 mm and thicknesses from 4 to 19 mm. Thanks to the innovative technology, we produce premium quality tempered glass even with the latest-generation metal coatings, which are increasingly popular and required by the market for the production of high-performing IG units. The machinery is equipped with a thermal scanner capable of monitoring the quality of each pane.

Heat soak oven.

The oven for Heat Soak Test through a heating and temperature maintenance cycle regulated by the UNI EN 14169 standard allows testing tempered glass to minimize spontaneous breakages generated by nickel sulfide inclusions that can naturally form in the float glass production cycle. The treatment is mandatory for panes to be used on the facades of buildings.

Digital printing machine.

The digital printing machine for ceramic inks allows to imprint designs, textures, and images on glass with maximum dimensions of 5900 x 2900 mm, and resolution up to 1440 dpi. This technology, unlike silk-screen printing, does not require the use of frames and grants flexibility and speed in the execution of projects. Digital printing on glass can be used for decorative or technical purposes, such as the application of anti-slip, electrically conductive, or transparent paints.

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