Vetreria 2M firmly believes in a sustainable development model that protects the environment, implements and promotes numerous initiatives to minimize energy consumption and optimize the use of natural resources.


Glass processing and subsequent washing require a large consumption of water.
To maintain the maximum efficiency of the machinery and ensure high-quality products, especially concerning coated glass, it is essential to treat the washing and processing water correctly.
Vetreria 2M uses a closed-circuit water system in which a chemical-free filtration system separates the water coming from the machines from the glass residue.
The filtered water is afterwards reintroduced into the circuit, while the residual sludge is stored and finally disposed of.
This system allows us to drastically reduce consumption and at the same time ensure a very high quality of the water circulating in the system.


We are committed to promoting responsible use of energy in every environment, which is why we select cutting-edge machinery also in terms of energy management, capable of reducing consumption in the stand-by phases and maximizing the yield in the operational phases.  
The entire production area and offices are illuminated with LED technology. It guarantees excellent visual comfort, energy savings and long life.


We promote responsible waste management, to limit the undifferentiated fraction as much as possible. In the production areas and offices, we have provided containers for paper, plastic, wet and unsorted waste.
Industrial waste, mainly glass processing sludge, chemicals and aluminium, are given to third parties in compliance with current regulations. 
Every year we dispose of tons of glass, however, this is non-waste. Glass is a reference material for the circular economy, which can be recycled over and over again. The scrap is reused in the float glass production cycle, in addition to the raw materials fed into the melting basin.