Digital Printing.

Stampante digitale su materiale vetro a Brescia, Vetreria 2M
The digital printing technology with ceramic inks allows to imprint drawings, textures, images and photographs on glass with maximum dimensions of 5900 x 2900 mm and with thicknesses up to 19 mm, with a resolution up to 1440 dpi.

It is a high definition hexachrome print, realized with 16 print heads, thanks to which it is possible to obtain very high quality and colour fidelity.

Unlike screen printing, the process does not involve the use of looms and fabrics but starts directly from the digital processing of vector files, tif or jpeg.

The files processed by our graphic technicians are sent to the printing machine to be transferred on glass using special ceramic inks, which vitrify following the hardening process, becoming resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays.


Wheather Resistence.

The ceramic ink, after the heat treatment, becomes resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays, maintaining its beauty unchanged over time.


Digital technology does not require the use of frames traditionally used in screen printing, making the machine perform both for single batches and for large-scale productions with multiple different sizes


• Single-pass printing at 360 dpi up to 300 sqm/hour.
• Double-pass printing at 720 dpi up to 230 sqm/hour.
• 4 pass printing at 1080 dpi up to 120 sqm/hour.
• 6 pass printing at 1440 dpi up to 65 sqm/hour.

Wide Colour Range.

The combination of primary colours allows creating a wide range of colours, on request, it is possible to use specific RAL and metallic paints such as gold, silver and platinum.



Customization of shower enclosure, doors, walls, backsplashes, balustrades, signs.


Conductive inks, anti-slip inks, transparent inks, frame printing, line, dots and patterns printing, shockproof bird textures.





Glass Processing


Graphic File Processing


Digital Printing


Heat Treatment