About Us.

Since 1988 Vetreria 2M, founded by Belleri Massimo and Tanfoglio Mauro, operates in the flat glass market, making available its experience, competence, and seriousness.
The company initially oriented in insulating glass production and installation, expanded its business over the years, becoming a complete partner for flat glass supply:
from high-performing IG units with solar, thermal, and acoustic control to architectural and furnishing glass products.

Vetreria 2M operates in the Castegnato plant, Province of Brescia,  with an area of 12,000 square meters, of which 7,500  are covered, using technologically advanced equipment and machinery, a state-of-the-art IT system, and experienced technical staff.  Vetreria 2M guarantees a very high-quality level for all its products, in line with the strictest European standards.


We design and manufacture glass solutions to create unique environments, able to combine aesthetics and performance. We pursue the highest quality by focusing on the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.


We believe in continuous improvement and technological innovation, for this reason, we are committed to investing in cutting-edge solutions and systems at the service of man, capable of improving operational well-being and raising the quality and performance levels of our products.



Vetreria 2M foundation.
Paderno Franciacorta - Covered Sq.m: 600


Plant enlargement and start of IGUs production.
Paderno Franciacorta - Covered Sq.m: 1000


Relocation to a new plant.
Rodengo Saiano - Covered Sq.m: 2500


Second production plant.
Rodengo Saiano - Covered Sq.m: 1000


Relocation and building of a new unique and larger plant.
Castegnato - Covered Sq.m: 7500